Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Marc left town super early this morning and it’s just me and the kids. Isa is very excited about her New Year’s plans. She is having her friend, Eloise, sleepover. I hope it’s super fun. On the agenda: sock puppets, decorating sugar cookies, late night movie, and sleeping in sleeping bags. Woo hoo! I will try and write bits here and there as things unfold.

No one wanted to make sock puppets. I was shocked but didn’t mind too much because Jimmy seemed a tad ill. He pooped at least 4 times and seemed a tad feverish. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has two teeth tomorrow.

The girls have been playing wonderfully together. Right after Eloise arrived I laid down two ground rules. 1) this is a once a year event (they were totally planning their next sleep over at dinner) and 2) when I say google-meister you have to stop and dance. I thought that would be a fun way to break up any tiffs they have. I have only used it twice so far and it worked perfectly. Both girls were laughing instead of yelling, “that’s mine.”

The cookie cutting was fun. We still haven’t decorated them and they are not that interested. They would rather play in the basement. I will give them as much time as it takes me to write this and then march them upstairs. It’s already passed Isa’s bedtime and I promised them a movie too.

Happy New Year… I may update this later but, if not, till 2010!

Dress up is way funner than making puppets.

Eloise wanted the sleep over to start and that meant let's sleep or watch TV.

Busted! While I was nursing Jimmy the girls got into some stamps.

Eloise rolling the dough.

Isa taking a turn rolling.

The girls are super cute and so polite to each other. I put Isa in time out for talking ugly to me and Eloise came up to me about a minute later and asked if Isa could get out of time out so she could play with her. How could I say no? Isa said sorry and they gave each other a big hug. They ask if one wants to play this or that and the other one says yes or no thanks.

Just heard Isa say, "I have it please?" Eloise, "sure." Isa, "thanks."

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  1. YOU ARE THE BRAVEST PERSON I KNOW!!! Seriously. I really don't think I could do that. Now, is it just me, or could those pictures be shots of you and Liz? That's hilarious!