Saturday, December 26, 2009

Harrison Condo and Book Shelves for Sale!

we had an idea to use some of the Christmas boxes to make Princess Cinderella her own home in Chicago...she was tired of living with the other princesses.

after Isa got bored, she helped Marc put together a book shelf.

Jimmy thought it was the best time ever.

this is how the condos look but there might be some remodeling later.

Daddy spent lots of time with each kid today. First, he took Jimmy to the store to buy a book shelf and Jimmy smiled the entire time. He was beaming when he came home. I held him while Marc brought in the goods and he watched Marc fervently with a huge smile and made happy noises. He was loving daddy time. Later, Daddy took Isa to Grandma's house to make snow angels and raid their fridge and porch. Marc asked Isa, "did you have fun playing in the snow?" Isa answered, "It's fun being together."

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  1. That sounds so fun for them because whoever was left at home got to have one on one time with you, which is also a rare treat.