Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Isa showing Miro some dance moves this morning.

    Jimmy being a smiley man. Gotta love him!

We had a great trip home. Besides the 45 minutes before we left for the airport when I was stressing and getting snippy with everyone, the trip was smooth sailing. Isa and Jimmy were pretty much perfect. There were no tears at all. Isa watched a movie and  Jimmy played with my In Touch magazine. He was loving Mrs. Katie Holmes Cruise on the cover! I took Isa to pee on the plane and after she went, I told her I was gonna go too. She said, “Mama your butt is big, this is Isa size potty.” What else can you do but laugh and then share your humiliation with others! It’s nice to be back at my computer. Home Sweet Home!

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  1. i havent read any of these blogs yet ! youre too funny (the isa and the big butt thing) lol! i cant wait to read more i know they are gonna crack me up!