Monday, December 28, 2009

Jimmy's first words...maybe!

Jimmy is growing up. He has a few words that I think he’s saying. Nana for banana, dada for daddy, and du du for duck…he tends to say all three, all day long, but he’s been specific a few times too. For dinner tonight he had salmon. Kids can have salmon at 18 months, right? He has his 18 month check up tomorrow so I will have to ask. He loved it though. Tonight he was grabbing the honey bear bottle so he could get more. He still isn’t sucking the liquid himself but I’m guessing soon. I’m not sure how he will learn that skill exactly…maybe he will do it by accident and then be like, whoa, I just drank. Once he can suck the liquid from the straw he will be flying solo with the honey bear.  He has no problem holding the bottle and putting the straw in his mouth. I’m excited for his weigh in tomorrow. Wanna guess his weight?


  1. Wonder if he'll weigh more than my twins? I'll tell you if you tell me!!! ;) I'm pretty sure 18 months can have salmon---don't think there are any restrictions anymore. Good for him! My kids are starting to talk too. Abby says "ma ma ma" which sadly doesn't mean me. It either means 'more' or 'milk'. Usually I just give her more milk. Hope he drinks soon!!!

  2. I'm such a bad weight guesser but here it goes: Jimmy will be 17# 2oz!

    I'm pretty sure after 1 yr. the only restrictions are peanuts and tree nuts...I think...

  3. I can't wait to hear what his voice sounds like!