Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jimmy's Stats

Jimmy's 18 Month Stats
Length  29 ¾ inches long (25-50%)
Weight 16# 12 ounces      (5th %)
Head     43 ¼ cm              (25-50%)

Jimmy did great at the doctor’s office. His weight is low but he’s still on the Jimmy curve. He totally knows about the nurse and her plan to give him shots. He cried more before the shots than he did after the shots. Fear of the needle is good and strong!

No pictures. My camera is broken and it might be awhile before I get a new one. Maybe Isa will let me borrow her Tinkerbelle camera.

In early 2010, Marc and I plan to potty train Isa at night. All suggestions and tips are welcome! I have a feeling it’s going to involve lots of sleepless nights and laundry.

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  1. To cut down on laundering sheets buy washable incontinence pads. They are the width of a twin bed and easily cover any oops a little girl might have in the night. Isa can sleep on top of the soft, cloth pad. If she wets the bed you only need to slip off the pad and slip on a new one. There is nothing worse than waking up bleary eyed at 2:45 a.m. and have to replace a pee-peed fitted sheet. We have 3 pads (I think the $17 size) and they have held up really well with wash & wear.


    Also, cut down on evening liquids. And maybe wake her at midnight to pee then right back in bed. Good Luck!