Monday, December 21, 2009

Carrot Top!

Look at that carrot top!

I think Marc and Jimmy look similar in this photo.

Today might be Jimmy’s first day with absolutely no baby food from a jar. Not that he won’t eat it again but today might be the first. We still haven’t had dinner and I might throw in towel but I think I have a good plan.

We went to Northbrook Court to kill time while my brother and his wife shopped and the kids and I spent it at the tree. The tree is big and the kids can run in and slide out. Isa had a great time and made two best friends. She doesn’t know either of their names though. There was a 10-15 minute period where she had no friends and that made her very sad. She said, “they keep running away with their mamas.” I tried to explain that they had to go home but she wasn’t interested in why.

Lou Malnati’s is on its way and then Whirly Ball tonight with the brothers. I love Christmas Vacation. The only downer is Marc is extremely busy and is still having eye difficulties. I hope you can come home soon Marc. Muah!

Ornaments we made yesterday.

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