Monday, December 14, 2009

My Morning Jacket

Isa made a snowman today!

Isa took a picture of an ornament she made...Jimmy's on the other side.

Isa's final outfit at our dance party this evening.

Today was a day of relaxation and playing catch up. I asked Isa to clean different sets of toys and when she finished each job she said, “now Santa will bring me presents?” First thing this morning, Isa asked what day it was (she was referring to what day on the advent calendar). I told her day 14 and she opened up #14. Then she asked again after school, a tad later in the afternoon, before and after dinner…you get my drift. She is desperate for it to be Christmas TODAY! After a long day of not doing a whole lot we finished off the day with a dance party. We chose to jam out to My Morning Jacket. I think they might be my favorite band. Isa dressed up as a ballerina, Cinderella, Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse. For Isa, a dance party is more about the outfits than the dancing. Hilarious and Fun! Jimmy enjoyed the dance party and did his full body tense up and jazz hands as he danced with me. He’s the best partner…just don’t tell Marc.

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