Sunday, December 13, 2009

Surgery, Ups for Downs, American Girl

Marc's eyes

Marc had strabismus surgery on Thursday. It was completed with no harm but the good of the surgery has yet to be seen. Marc feels like it was worthless at this point. Boy, do we hope he’s wrong. It’s still hard for him to see but he’s improving everyday.


Isa listening carefully to Santa.

The three of us goofing off till we get called to see Santa.

Jimmy's string tie is actually a bell necklace.

Isa opening up Barbie's little sister.

The kids and I attended a few parties with many of our friends who have Down syndrome and their families. One was for a new little girl who born 6 weeks ago and she lives in Evanston. I am excited about that! The second party had 300 attendees’ and approximately 100 of them had Down syndrome. Ups for Downs threw the party and it was wonderful. They had a present for every kid in attendance and it was delivered to them by Santa. They had a professional photographer there to witness the magic. Isa got Barbie’s two little sisters (and they look normally proportioned compared to the regular Barbie). Isa was over-joyed. Jimmy was held by many and was a happy camper. His red hair was by far the most popular topic of conversation.

Isa is all about props and covering up her face for photos!

Pink Lemonade and three Tiers of yumminess.

Later in the afternoon, Isa and I went to American Girl for a tea party with Grandma, Aunt Tessa, Aunt Janet and Isa’s favorite person in the world, her cousin Olivia. It was very cute. The food was colorful and delivered in a three-tiered serving tray. They have little sandwiches with heart shaped cheese and pink mouse. How can you go wrong? Isa cried on the way out for many different reasons but her final reason was she wanted it to be Christmas today. By the time she got to the car she was happy again and she pointed out all the lights she could find on the way home, the zoo lights were her favorite!

Fancy Harrison Girls!

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