Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time off is all it takes!

Today has been all about Jimmy. Whenever we come back from taking a week or two off from therapy he does so well. He started with his new speech therapist today. Although I am bummed we lost our last speech therapist, it was nice to have someone new, and get a fresh start. Jimmy did so great allowing us to put the straw in his mouth. She had sort of an obstacle course lined up. Cut up avocado, crunchie, drink from straw regime going. I liked it and think it is something I can work with. I think I get tired of just doing one thing so dividing it up this way might be all I need to restart the momentum and get Project Jimmy Drink started again.

In occupational therapy he was picking up blocks and dropping them in the bucket. He also placed blocks in my hand and let go. If we didn’t clap for him soon enough he started the applause. I was amazed at how he was in such a great mood considering he went to bed so late and did not get a nap. He also did some great scooting. He likes to get down on the ground, reach, sit up half-way and then restart, get down on the ground, reach etc. He is definitely moving and is so close to crawling. We just need to bear more weight on his knees and he will have all the components. Maybe we can finish that up tomorrow in PT ;).

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  1. Go, Jimmy! You'll be drinking and scooting in no time! Some of our best results with therapies have been after giving Bobby a break...