Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 begins!

Sock puppets. Isa thought they were cool foot puppets.

Eloise and Isa put on a show for Jimmy this morning.

Bedtime was difficult for Isa, Eloise and me but we were all in bed and making a strong effort to sleep at 10pm. Other than bedtime, the sleepover was amazing. I think my problem is believing that you sleep during a sleepover. But, an hour or less of hassle is nothing compared to the many hours of fun. Even in the morning, when you would think they would be cranky, they weren’t…not a bit….not even I was!

After Eloise left, my focus was turned to NU football. It was a game of many highs and lows. It was so exciting. I can’t believe they went into overtime. They went down in the end by three, and that part totally sucked, but it was still a great game.

Jimmy woke up from his nap with a temp of 103. I gave him Tylenol and some love and he seems better now. He’s fighting something. Go Jimmy, beat that virus or infection. J

Spur of the moment Goals for 2010!
1)      get more sleep
2)      potty train Isa at night
3)      have Jimmy drinking on his own
4)      teach Jimmy to crawl and walk
5)      teach Isa to write all her letters
6)      go on an awesome vacation
7)      if the location is right, open a coffee shop

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