Sunday, January 31, 2010

But when Mama’s home we don’t take a bath every day, right?!

Marc started a blog post but this was pretty much as far as he got. I hope I won’t be disappointing too many people by writing my own blog again. It was shocking how many comments were along the lines of, "best blog post ever." Don’t worry, I didn’t write your name in my big book of shame.

Marc had a great time with the kids. One story he related to me was that Isa said without mommy we are a pretend family with just me, dad, and jimmy. “Dad”, that’s something new too.

“Mommy’s not in the house anymore because it’s just me and my Dad.  pretend to be a real family”
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Isa and Jimmy in the Castle. (Marc and I keep referring to the fort but it’s clearly not a fort and is a castle.)
castle with isa and jimmy
_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00217-20100130-1316
Jimmy and Isa close-up in the castle.
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Marc training Jimmy with the sippy cup. Mostly he just let Jimmy play with the sippy cup.

Tonight was a night with a new first. We have Isa strapped up to a bed wetting alarm. As soon as the sensor, that is connected to her panties, senses moisture, the alarm goes off. It’s quite loud and should wake her up. Even if it doesn’t wake her up, it will wake me up, and then I have her get out of bed and have Isa walk to the bathroom. She peed just a drop and the alarm went off and off we went to the bathroom. She was pretty peeved about having to wake up but we didn’t have to change the pad or sheets, just her panties. Fingers crossed, in two weeks, she will be conditioned to wake up when she has to pee in the night time.  Sadly, Jimmy may also be conditioned to wake up when Isa needs to pee. The alarm woke him up and probably made his mouth of pain more noticeable. I gave him some Tylenol and hope he can get some rest.

My weekend was great. It was amazing to sleep 8 hours two nights in a row. Plus, I took a long nap on Saturday. It was all about getting some good R and R and I did.
Now for all you Marc Blogging Fans…

# of times # of mustache sightings # of times I was eating when…
Marc Called 5 0 5
Marc sent photos 4 0 4
Isa referenced me while I was gone 17 0 17
I was glad to be away 25 1 25

link to some scrapbook fun!

FYI, when I scrapbook, there is rarely less than 5 pictures on a page. The link above is what the hardcore scrap bookers do. I am only average in comparison to the hardcore folks.
I can add random stuff too!

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  1. "Sadly, Jimmy may also be conditioned to wake up when Isa needs to pee." I read that and laughed out loud. Just because we cannot perceive the order inherent in the random, judging as we do from a fixed point in time, doesn't mean that a being, ubiquitous in time, would...uh...whatever.