Thursday, January 7, 2010

Colt :(

Two days ago I missed the Fed Ex guy by 5 minutes. Yesterday I was home all day with two short exceptions, when I dropped and picked up Isa from school, but they did not make an attempt yesterday, although my package was on a truck the whole day. Today I was home till 1:50pm when I left to get an oil change and Fed Ex came at 2:07pm. The craziest part is that I am going to return what they are mailing me. UGH! I will probably end up driving to Fed Ex to pick up the laptop and then drive to UPS to mail it back to Dell. I am so annoyed.

Texas Fight, Hook ‘Em!, Go Horns Go, Make them eat &h!*. I’m nervous already.

It’s half-time and I am so bummed. What happened to Colt? Come on Texas, beat em with your second string quarterback!

On a positive note, Jimmy ate some yummy oatmeal for breakfast and lentil soup for dinner. We have a student occupational therapist coming to our house to work with Jimmy and the two got along great. I think both parties will benefit greatly from the each other.

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