Saturday, January 9, 2010


Marc was putting on a movie for Isa and I was holding Jimmy walking toward them when Jimmy said, “Da (2 second pause) dee, Da (2 second pause) dee.” Marc and I were just beaming with pride. He is also consistently signing more and eat. He is such a big boy. Oh and his scooting average is up to 3 or 4 scoots before a break. We are very proud parents.

Isa and I walked down Central St to do some shopping today. She got some light pink tights and pink ballerina shoes for her class that starts tomorrow. She is super excited. We hit Starbucks and we each got a drink. I love that they have the kid size hot chocolate and then we went to the Paper Source to get two birthday gifts and some project fun for us. We finished off at Subway and got ourselves a sandwich for lunch. I love Central St and that we are a minute from it. It will be hard to find a house that’s comparable in location to fun restaurants, a grocery store, and several schools to choose from. 

We went to 5 O’clock mass at St. John Berchmans and during it Isa asked, “Where’s God?” Grandma answered, “He’s inside you, in your heart.” She didn’t buy it. After church there was a spaghetti dinner and Jimmy played the cup on the table like a drum and Isa danced next to the musician playing the accordion. A very nice evening indeed.

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  1. i loved reading this post! Sweet to hear how all is unfolding, awesome on jimmie saying daddy! thats so great! Have a blast tomorrow with isa and ballet cant wait to see her cutie pie pics! You guys are gonna have a blast. I bet youre gonna tear up! God bless!