Saturday, January 16, 2010

Isa looks good (watching herself do her dance moves)!

Angelina Ballerina!

Jimmy got a cool truck!

Isa got a cool Angelina Ballerina book too!

Isa is now a present!

Isa using the Sham Wow!

Isa and Eloise before ballet class.

I took Isa to ballet this week and got to witness her class firsthand. It was funny to watch. I think about 50% of the class was spent with Isa checking out her moves in the mirror. The other half was spent inching closer to her friend Eloise.

After we got home we spent a lot of time playing with her new Angelina Ballerina set. It’s super cute. She got a belated Christmas gift from her Aunt Janet, Uncle Kit, and cousins. Christmas in mid-January is a nice way to spend a Friday night.

Isa is with her Aunt Tessa right now and is probably having the time of her life. Marc and I have had a relaxing afternoon with out her. I read, Marc watched football, and Jimmy played happily. It’s amazing how quiet it is here without her.


  1. im glad you guys had a great time at ballet! was eager to find out how it went.

  2. I think M has the back hoe and the dump truck of those construction trucks...we could get the kids together and complete the construction site. They seem like good beach trucks to me!!!