Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Make that two teeth!

Jimmy is such a rock star. He blew away our speech therapist today. She couldn’t stop praising the boy. She said she had never seen a boy imitate so well at his age. He was imitating the wolf sound of a dog, the sign and sound of stop, the monkey sound and a pig sound (he was imitating in his own way). Every time he did something the therapist was just jumping for joy. After Jimmy played with each toy, we sang a bye bye song, and Jimmy sang something like it with us. It was awesome to watch. He also did great in occupational therapy. He is getting stronger and better at pushing buttons he hasn’t been able to before. Two thumbs up for Jimmy! Now he’s getting a nice nap.  Oh and did I mention that Marc felt Jimmy’s second tooth. It’s official. Several sleepless nights but at least he, or we, have something to show for it (like we made the tooth come out!).

Isa returned to school today after a long break. On the way there she talked about how it's not nice to talk when the teacher is talking and that you should listen. I asked her if she listens and she said, "yes, I'm a good girl." That's what I like to hear. After school, while we were de-coating, de-scarfing and the like, Isa told me that she hit the mean boys that did not listen. Hmmm, maybe not such a good girl. She sounds a tad like her daddy when he was a youngin.

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  1. It sounds like Jimmy suddenly switched into high gear-good job Jimmy! And, from all the girls in the world who have had to deal with boys that don't listen... GOOD JOB ISA!!!