Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. Man (I think Isa gave him a mustache). Don't you love his outfit? He's is sporting a pale green and silver striped jumpsuit with a sparkly brown belt and purple boots. He also has purple eyes and jet black hair with a red mustache. Gotta love the crazy dude. I think he's ready to hit the disco floor.

Mrs. Chick in a purple strapless dress with silver stripes, accented with a red belt and red shoes.

Jimmy took a class at the gym this morning and got a serious workout. I think it will be great for his physical development especially since he won’t have physical therapy for a few weeks. They had him throwing sand bags, scooting through a tunnel, dancing to music, and just having a good ol' time. Jimmy took a long nap after his workout and I really tried to take one too but Isa forbade it. The craziest part was she was tired. The night time potty training is breaking up her sleep as well. I can tell it's hard on her. It's hard to say if we have made progress but we are going to keep her pull-up-less for now. During Jimmy's nap we ended up making some paper clothes for paper dolls (one of the project kits I bought at the Paper Source). The packet is really cool and has 20 paper figures and different stencils that you can trace out their clothes with. We made two people today: a Mr. Man and a Mrs. Chick. Isa had the two figures getting married and kissing over and over again.

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  1. I had a teacher named Mrs. Chick! She was married to Mr. Chick. I'm totally not making that up. He taught history and she was a sub. They seemed old as dirt, but they were probably in their 40's!