Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Please don't hurt my feelings...

Isa being her goofy self!

I really wanted to post something yesterday but there was no time. We got home late and I was exhausted from the many interruptions I got the previous night. At 2am I was sitting with Jimmy in the kitchen feeding him jars of baby food and a banana.

We got home late from Aunt Tessa’s birthday party. Isa made a card for her. She wrote it in her own script and I asked her what it said and it was something like this: love Tessa, love me. I’m very very sorry for hurting your feelings. I love you so very much. Please don’t hurt my feelings. It makes me sad. Happy Birthday Tessa!  Love Isa. When Aunt Tessa read the card, tears were falling, I was laughing so hard. Isa then recited it. It was hilarious (to me anyways!).

Jimmy is so close to having two teeth. He’s been such a pooper and drooler.   He’s been scooting a tad further than he normally scoots. Generally he will scoot two army scoots and sit up but he has been upping his average to 2.5 scoots and then a sit. His drinking has not improved at all which I find shocking. I thought he would be a pro by now. His eating seems to have worsened because he’s getting more picky. He used to eat avocado and now he avoids it…same with blueberries, raspberries, turkey meats and even cheerios. He needs a varied diet. I will have to get creative in the kitchen and that’s so not my strong suit.

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  1. If he's got a sweet tooth Abbi has a cookbook of recipes for hiding veggies in baked goods. She made brownies that had something crazy like spinach (or something) in them and they were pretty good.