Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick Isa and Happy Jimmy!

Making 30 Valentines, 25 kids, 4 teachers, 1 extra!

Sick Isa with no appetite.

Injured Jimmy. He was in the laundry basket and tipped it over and hit his head on a box. Totally my fault, ughh, but he's happy now! You can barely see it but it's at the top right corner of his head.

Today is day 2 of Isa having a fever and a horrible cough. Yesterday I thought it was just exhaustion from a super fun weekend, but now I know it’s something stronger than that. We went to the doctor this morning to rule out anything serious. He checked her blood count and thinks it’s probably a viral infection. Those viruses. This is the first time I can remember Isa having a fever two days in a row. I hope tomorrow things start looking up. She is napping, the second day in a row, and a choice she made herself. CRAZY!
Jimmy is happy as can be. He, nor the rest of us, are sick, and I really hope it stays that way. I seriously think he crawled today. It was the tiniest of crawls but he moved forward a centimeter on all fours. Pretty cool! He is also trying to imitate sounds more and more. All his sounds sound the same but he’s trying. We worked on animal sounds and it was cool to see him do it. His roar is the most distinguishable sound of all of them. It has been awhile since he has said Daddy. Why does he do that? He definitely wants to keep his audience on its toes.
We did accomplish one thing today. Isa and I made valentines for all 25 kids in her class and her 4 teachers. The joy really starts to seep out of you at #10.  They are cute but I’m guessing the simple Dora and Batman Valentines are going to be way cooler than our homemade ones.

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  1. Poor Isa. She looks like she feels lousy. I hope she feels better soon and I hope you didn't infect those Valentine's day cards with something that's going to get the class sick.

    Jimmy on all fours is way cool! I sympathize with the long break between using 'Daddy' - Bobby does that for a lot of skills. I think it's just Jimmy putting all of his energy into 'Mama'.