Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sickness continues

Jimmy at Grandma's house, playing with his reflection. He can't get enough of himself. He's like, he is one good looking fellow!

Isa at Olivia's house dressed up as Belle (something she did with Grandma Jo).
I just can’t believe it. Isa was sick Monday and Tuesday and much better Wednesday, Wednesday night I was horribly sick and it continued through Friday, today Jimmy is sick as a dog. I have heard of this happening, an illness slowing passing from one member to the next, and then back to the first member. I pray that doesn’t happen. Please end with Jimmy.

I want to thank my in laws for taking my kids at moments notice so I could feel horrible alone. It was a huge improvement in how I felt. And, I want to thank Marc, who worked nearly the whole night before, came home, went straight to the store for supplies, returned, and took care of me.

Today Jimmy’s fever was as high as 104.7. I don’t like that at all. He won’t eat or drink anything. Tomorrow we are taking him to the pediatrician’s office. On the bright side, he has two top teeth. Marc discovered them earlier today. We hoped his fever was teeth related but then he threw up. Sigh. Worst of all, since I got sick, I stopped nursing Jimmy, and he cried every time I put the honey bear in sight.

Oh and did I mention I am pregnant, nauseous as hell, and exhausted like I haven’t slept in a week. I’m guessing posts will not be coming very often.

Go Away Sickness! For REALS!!!


  1. Send me your kids! I'll keep them til you feel better, what's two more!! ;) Hope you feel better and I'm happy Marc is so great!

  2. im so sorry! I hope you get to feeling better hon. On the bright side, youre pregnant! so so exciting!! sending our love...

  3. This is one super bug going around! Dan first got Strep, then I got it few days later (post-surgery mind you)and Dan finished meds and it came back...he is on second round of meds. Evie had bad cold and last weekend pink eye...this whole month of Jan. has been a blur. You are not alone! I hope you all feel better and get yourself some ginger for that nausea. Silver lining...nausea is one sign that things are moving along swimmingly.