Monday, January 25, 2010

still sick and housebound

Instead of eating Jimmy sucks his thumb ferociously. I worry about his thumb.

Jimmy is still sick. I thought he was getting better today, and then boom, he has a fever again and won’t eat or drink anything.  Poor kid. I took him to the doctor mostly because I was hoping he had something, anything that medicine could help. But, no, it’s a viral infection, and there is nothing one can do but wait it out.

Isa had a good day. At the doctor’s office she made friends with a sick girl. I abruptly ended that friendship. We don’t need anything new coming into our household.  Isa was saddened but got over it quickly.

I am tired and feeling quite nauseous most of the day. I hope for a decent nights sleep soon.


  1. Wishing you many many sleep filled nights before baby 3 arrives!!! :)
    Deb Mirabelli

  2. I promise you that baby number three is so much easier than baby number one or baby number two. Number three is your payoff baby.