Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank You!

Today has been AWESOME! Thank you everyone for all the congratulatory notes. It's been fun being called, texted, emailed, commented on blog and Facebook, it's like every media outlet is trying to say, being a mom of three is cool!

Today a couple of other things happened. Jimmy crawled again! It was two crawls in a row. We were all ecstatic. And, when Jimmy's occupational therapist left, Jimmy waved and said, "bye bye" clear as day. The OT and I just looked at each other like we had won the lottery. After she left, I fed Jimmy lunch, and all he wanted to do was practice bye bye over and over again.

Isa woke up without a fever but she is still not 100%. I think over the course of the entire day she has eaten one meals worth. I hope tomorrow her appetite increases.

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  1. Being a mom of 3 IS cool!!! I am so happy for you!