Friday, January 29, 2010

Under New Management

So, Christi decided to take off this weekend and leave me all alone with the kids.  She does this every year.  She left this morning like the house was on fire (food still in bowls, lights on).  I’m surprised the water wasn’t running when I came home from work.  She took Isa to school, dropped Jimbo-tron off at Grandma’s and was on her way to freedom.  It’s a scrapbooking vacation for her, and a chance to take over the former TKAHAMCH for me. 

This is where she is:

Map picture

In the spirit of this blog, I will now tell you all about what the kids and I did today and make it sound like Xt doesn’t exist (except for that whole first part, which was pretty much exclusively about her and her weekend of scrapping fun).  I will also be using all of the available features, because that’s what they’re there for. 

Here, a link to a Hungarian website hosting a mostly proofed copyright infringing copy of one of the best short stories: 

For Esmé - with Love and Squalor

Worth a re-read today, I think. 

On to the next feature:


People I know: Have mustache? Eat Gyros Regularly?
Tax Lawyers 2 0
Chicago Cops 0 (?!) 1 (25% of total diet)

Wait, crap, neither of those were about the kids either. 

Yes, the kids…that reminds me of:


Jimmy woke up last night around 2 in the morning and I went and sang him some songs.  It was cool, because I was already up (practicing law) and Jimmy is a happy boy even at 2 am.  Later, I’m told, he woke up again at 3 and remained awake until daylight. I was asleep for that part of the night (my sleep is impervious to sound)… probably dreaming…

Hopefully, Xt will edit this down a little because the blogging power may be too much for me. 

Anyway, Isa told me that we should go to a birthday party tomorrow.  I said, “who’s birthday party?”  “I don’t know, Daddy, it’s tryin’ a be somebody’s birthday…it’s gotta be Saturday ‘amorrow.”  She replied.  This is a girl with a lot of friends.

2006 Jan Pictures by Tessa by Tessa


  1. Marc, she may kick you off this blog before she even gets home. =) Have fun with all those charts and random photos.

  2. Among the best postings ever. The kids day really came alive for me. I felt like I was there. Anne

  3. You need to change the chart. I know of at least one tax lawyer you know that has no mustache and loves him some gyros. Best blog post ever.

  4. I have not personally consumed that delicious amalgam of seasonings and animal produts we call gyros in many years, half a score at the least. So while this may not be my place to ask, I cannot help but wonder about the data in the table of lawyers and cops vs. mustaches and gyros consumption. Was gyros concumption self-reported by these professionals? If so, I would certainly claim that some level of self-selection bias is present in the data. The table also fails to establish if those professionals who consume gyros are a subset of those who have mustaches or an entirely separate category. Perhaps a third classification of the intersection of the two should be created.

    And how were variables controlled, such as the disgusting (and likely grotesquely corpulent) outlier who consumes 25% of his diet as gyros, possibly doing so while sporting a filthy cop mustache? I'm sorry, but the methodology of this survey must be vehemently called into question.