Saturday, February 27, 2010

Isa was born to be on stage.

This morning I asked Isa, “should we go to ballet class or a really cool music concert at your school where some of your school friends will be?” As you might be able to guess she chose the Jeanie B music concert. It was tons of fun and as soon as it started Isa started dancing or maybe better described as performing for everyone.

Everyone was given an inflatable guitar. Isa had her own way of playing it. This is a great action shot of her rockin out.


There was no hint of shyness or embarrassment. Just pure joy being in front of everyone. I really thought other kids would join in but she was pretty much the only one till the very end.



Jimmy had a great time too but since he was on my lap most of the time I didn’t take very cool pictures of him. He was grooving to the tunes as well.


At the end, Jeanie B rolled out tons of bubble wrap, and all the kids jumped on it. It was pretty cool.


Thank you St. Francis for a wonderful concert! We had fun.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun with Bobby!

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today until Bobby came over to play and I got some great pictures of the boys playing together.

Isa was pretty sure Bobby should be a princess. He allowed it for a few minutes and then said ENOUGH!



Bobby and Jimmy played the drums for Isa so she could dance with Mama A. They did a great job and didn’t hit each other! DSC00112


Then they played with their maracas. Jimmy wasn’t holding back!


Jimmy got a little crazy and fell back on Bobby. He didn’t seem to mind.


This was the closest I got to both of them smiling at the same time. Bobby didn’t think my jokes were funny. I will have to work on that.


Isa had her own game going while the boys were playing. She had her animals dressed up and ready to perform. Jaguar the butterfly is my favorite.


The animals insisted their teacher pose with them. She obliged.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

A day in pictures!

This is Isa first thing in the morning. I am in bed behind her dying for a few more minutes. DSC00032

Good morning Jimmy!DSC00038

I asked Isa to get dressed and she came out of her room looking like this!


So You Think You Can Dance Dance Dance! This is her tapping outfit.


This was all before 9am.

Then Bridget, a student Developmental Therapist, came and played with us.


As soon as Bridget arrived Jimmy was reaching for her.


Reading time!


Jimmy made some funny faces this morning. Here are a few! Please ignore the dirty rug. It has been vacuumed since this morning.



Isa Artwork that I finally threw away!

This afternoon Isa an I were watching the women’s ice skating short program and Isa asked, “where is the prince?” She was also perplexed by the fact they weren’t wearing tights. I told her they were and she went up super close to the TV and told me, “no mom, they are not wearing tights.”


Last photo has a quick story. I finally went to the mall to return some stuff Marc got for Christmas that was too small. I was returning some gloves and a shirt. I had no idea what they were worth. I found some new gloves and grabbed the only size large I could find and I saw a down jacket that was for sale and decided to get that over getting Marc a new shirt. Marc approved! I went to the register and then realized the gloves cost $89.00 and I was pretty sure the gloves I was returning were not in that ball park. The gloves I was returning were worth half the amount. I started to get nervous. I checked to make sure the jacket I was purchasing was really 50% off and then went ahead praying the gloves weren’t really $89.00. She rang up the gloves and the magic # was $35.00 (thank god, i nearly had a heart attack), with the return, my coat and Marc’s fancy gloves ended up costing me only $8.oo. Woo hoo! Go to LLBean if you are in need of any winter clothing. Everything is marked down and it’s 50% off the marked down price. Thank You Grandma Jo and Papa for my new coat and Marc’s super fancy, $89.00 dollar, gloves! Yes, they will be forever known as the $89.00 gloves. I didn’t know you could spend that much on gloves. Thank goodness we didn’t!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Isa is wearing my boots.

Isa and I did a lot of butting heads today, so when she wanted to wear my boots to playgroup, I said, “YES.”

isa in my boots. it won't be long

Some funny things Isa said today:

Me: isa did you pick up the blocks in mommy's room?
Isa: yes
Me: if I find out you are lying you will get timeout.
Isa: I think I was lying. I was just being funny and didn't do it so I think I was lying.


I just looked over at Isa and she says, "it's just chalk. i'm not going to write on your walls." I just laughed.

Jimmy had a good eating day. He ate nearly 85% adult food: bananas, toast, avocado, blue berries, eggs, toast and he drank (allowed me to squirt in) nearly 6 ounces of a fruit puree and water. That is a good day for Jimmy. I am worried he will be constipated tomorrow. A new thing he does when he eats now is put his hands in his hair. I have to wash his hair after every meal and snack. Not fun for either of us but he gets super dirty.

Beautiful Blogger Award

My good friend Katie nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I have to admit that I wasn’t that surprised to get it. ha ha, just kidding. Thank you Katie! This is fun and a great way to learn about other blogs. Katie is a fun chick who has a son name Jack. He is adorable and like Jimmy has Down syndrome. We live an hour apart almost to the dot but we have managed to get together once a month. Katie is also pregnant like me. She got pregnant first and probably thinks I got pregnant to copy her. Just let it go Katie! I have copied her in many ways though. I copied her by starting a blog. I tried to paint my kitchen green, one of the colors in her house (didn’t look good though), and I also copied an art project she did recently. I will copy her and buy the straw cup she suggested when Jimmy is ready. She is a great friend and my only complaint is that she lives one hour away. xoxo

Here are the "Beautiful Blogger" award rules.
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.


1. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I had a great, happy upbringing. People always ask me why I don’t have an accent. I have to explain that not everyone has an accent and that it’s the Dallas and Houston folk that have the deep accents. Although, now I can hear the accent my mom has, that I never noticed prior to moving to Chicago.

2. I have four brothers, one older, 3 younger. They are all pretty great though some are better than others. The jokes just keep on coming! haha. Nate’s wife is about to have a baby, yay! Jake is in the Domincan Republic volunteering. Jonathan lives near me and working on many different things. Luke is finishing up his senior year in college.

3. English was always my worst subject and so I decided to focus on Spanish for a long time. I spent several summers in Mexico and volunteered at an orphanage there for a year.

4. I met my husband at the orphanage on my first day there. People always think it’s so great etc that we were volunteers but we got the best gift of all…each other, AWWW!! Also, randomly, or maybe not, we are both the second of 5 kids.

5.  I think one of the best things about being a mom, besides loving on your sweet kids, is the other moms you meet. My friend network just keeps on multiplying. I love it and all you mom friends I have. You are the best!

6. When I started this blog I hardly read any blogs at all and now I can barely keep up with all of them. It’s creeping into my TV time.

7. Lastly, mostly cause I can’t think of anything else, I am a five footer. I pray that my kids are taller than me!

My nominations for the “Beautiful Blogger” award are:

Abbi at Life As We Live It

Abby at The Schwartes

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Monday, February 22, 2010

I think it’s official

It has been a week and Isa has not had an accident at night (except for one on the way to the bathroom). She wakes up and pees all on her own. Last night I heard her get up and noticed that it was taking her awhile so I went to check up on her. She was leaving the kitchen as I was walking in and I asked her if she went potty and she said yes and that she was thirsty so she got some water. I love my new independent chick when she does things  like that. I don’t like it when she helps herself to ANYthing she wants. We are working on that.

Sunday, Marc took the kids to Toys R Us and returned with a barbie and a tunnel. Jimmy has been army crawling like crazy and loves the tunnel. Tonight I dangled some bananas from the kitchen and he came army crawling pretty fast. It’s amazing and scary. I keep noticing tiny toys that Jimmy can pick up and put in his mouth. Barbie shoes are the worst. I think I am going to find them all and hide them for a long long time.

Tonight after Marc got home I told him about some of Isa’s mishaps and he asked Isa if she would be a good girl tomorrow and she replied after some thought, “I can try.”necklace

Isa made me this necklace. I wore it out to the mall and the movies. Everyone thought it was beautiful.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lazy Saturday

We didn’t do much today. Marc and I were both exhausted and kept trying to pawn our kids off on each other. We both lost! Since we were home pretty much the whole day we witnessed some creativity. Early this morning Isa came into the kitchen in her panties and said, “I’m not going to wear clothes, I am going to wear a sheet.” She then returned a bit later with one of her sheets and Marc helped her put it on. Music was playing in the background and one thing led to another. Check out the link below!

There were many photo ops today but my camera phone sucks and I still don’t have a camera. I ordered one a while back and it never came so I just ordered a different one. I hope I get it soon. I paid extra for the super fast shipping. Anyways, one photo op I missed was Jimmy reading a book. I decided to recreate the scene. This one is not nearly as cool as the original but you can see how Jimmy likes to turn the pages of his book!

Jimmy turning the pages.

jimmy turning the pages

The End!

jimmy reading

Good night!

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Mother New Baby

At New Mother New Baby, a store in Northbrook, a new playgroup was started for parents with kids with Down syndrome. It was lots of fun. ABC News was there and Jimmy was dressed to the nines in Bobby’s hand me downs. We sang songs, danced, and Jimmy crawled in this one tunnel a million times. He loved it. He also hung out with his reflection for a long long time. For those in the area, it is meeting again on March 6th…I still don’t know the time but hopefully I will remember to post it.

Jimmy bumping heads with himself.

jimmy bumping heads w himself

He’s thinking, who’s taller?

jimmy mirror

It’s hard to tell but here he is waving to the good looking boy in the mirror.

jimmy waving

There were a few kids his age there. One girl was 20 months like Jimmy and she was so much bigger and so active and drinking. It’s great to see that it is possible…although technically Jack (one of Jimmy’s BFFs who is younger) showed us that a long time ago! Jimmy is such a munchkin!

When Jimmy was dancing he went wild. Everyone was amazed at how much fun he had. Sadly, the cameras had left at that point. He would have definitely been the head story if they caught his dance moves!

Things to buy Jimmy: a mirror and a tunnel!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Picnic Indoors!

Thursday mornings has turned into focused playtime at our house. I try not to plan anything and we just play. It’s amazing how many activities one can play between 9 and 12. Isa generally goes through 10 outfit changes and directs several games where she or I are the bad guy. Today, we made a tiara.

isa sneaky

It’s lopsided as you can tell but involved dot paint and glitter…is there anything better?

After Jimmy went down for a nap Isa and I had an indoor picnic. Something I suggested several weeks ago and keep forgetting about till after lunch. Today it happened and it was kind of fun.

isa picnic

living room picnic

Yesterday afternoon I was ironing a curtain on the floor and I put Jimmy in his room. It felt like it was two or three minutes but maybe more time passed and I looked up and Jimmy was in the kitchen. That is by far the longest army crawl he has done. I was worried that someone was in my house and had moved him. He is definitely picking up his stamina a little at a time. Of course, he rarely crawls, army or on all fours, for a crowd but he’s doing it in secret (or he has a secret, invisible friend that helps him out from time to time).

jimmy crawling

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Woody, a Cowgirl!

woody poses Isa to me: It's good asking mom to get some blueberries. I was almost sneaky and then I remembered to ask. Sometimes it's hard to remember to not be sneaky.

This morning Marc ran across the street and brought home a dozen donuts. Needless to say, we didn’t have any problems finishing them. Deb-don’t judge! Fat Tuesday. Isa was very excited but didn’t like the part where we don’t have sweets for a long long time. I’m guessing she will get plenty!

My good friends stopped by for a bit and Sam, who is nearly two, and Isa, nearly four, had a great time together. Isa was very bossy but Sam didn’t seem to mind too much. Jimmy watched all the action and smiled. At one point Isa decided to put on Jimmy’s Halloween costume. It’s amazing she cut put on the outfit.

isa as woody

Sam and Isa…they are nearly the same height. He didn’t want to hold still so Isa tried to wrangle him still a bit.

sam and isa

Monday, February 15, 2010

Will I jinx it?

Two nights, yes, two nights in a row, I have slept long and hard. Isa got up in the middle of the night and went potty all by herself. Her alarm did not go off. We are so proud of her. We tell everyone we see and she just smiles from ear to ear. Woo Hoo ISA!

Jimmy has also been sleeping through the night. It’s like they love me. I love them too! I also got a nap yesterday and today. This is how it’s supposed to be! Sadly, tomorrow morning my mom leaves and my naps will be compromised. I will settle for sleeping through the night.

Back to the Olympics…:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mom’s in town!

My mom showed up late on Thursday and will be here till Tuesday. That means, right now I am playing on the computer next to Marc, who is sleeping, while my mom plays with the kids. It’s so nice to get a nap everyday and relax a bit. Who knows, Marc and I may even go out tonight, but maybe I shouldn’t push my luck. The naps are especially nice because Isa and Jimmy like to conspire and make sure I don’t sleep more than two hours in a row. The night time potty training is on us but the teething, ear infections, and whatever else is bothering Jimmy, whelp I hope it’s not our fault. He was such a great sleeper till the teeth and the ear and it’s just amazing how tired that makes me. I really want to give up on the night time potty training with Isa. She has improved from the first week till the second week but it is so exhausting and the alarm keeps my heart racing long after everyone else has gone back to sleep. Isa doesn’t want to wear pull-ups anymore though and so I feel stuck.

On Friday Isa celebrated Valentines Day with her class. She told me that everyone’s Valentines had treats but hers didn’t. I can’t believe it. We made cookies for everyone but to get credit for them, you need to individually wrap them and tape them to your valentine. Here I thought the cookies would be a hit and they were just the un-cool homemade treats to be shared compared to all the lollipops and chocolates attached to a valentine. Errr, one day our Valentines will be the BEST! haha JK, maybe!

Jimmy had a fun play date on Friday with Jack and Adi. It was great to see Jack crawl around and Adi sat up for a few seconds. Jimmy was enamored with Katie and her dog. He ate nearly two pieces of pizza without the cheese. I can’t help but wonder if that upset his tummy last night. He couldn’t get enough and I couldn’t say no to the sweet man. I won’t make that mistake again. He is still rocking his head from side to side so that we will sing row, row, row your boat. I need to put him in a music class. Maybe I can squeeze one in between developmental therapy, Isa’s ballet, and my nap!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloody Ear!

This morning I was horrified slightly by Jimmy’s right ear. It looked like black goo was everywhere in it. After looking closer it wasn’t so horrible but blood is blood and I was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to ooze out of Jimmy’s ear. Jimmy, thankfully, was a happy camper and didn’t seem to mind at all. I took him to the doctor and he had a perforated ear drum caused by a middle ear infection. He started on antibiotics this morning, his first round ever, and will be taking it for 10 days. The oozing stopped almost immediately after taking the antibiotics. Fast Meds!

One of Isa’s new joys is to put wings on Jimmy. jimmy with wings

I have to admit I love seeing him in fairy wings. I think of him more as a cute bug though than a fairy.

jimmy fly

Our collage heart project was a success and very easy. Step one, draw heart. Step two, color red with marker and dot it paint or whatever you have on hand.

step 1 heart collage

Step three, use scissors, paper, and glue to decorate it. Then cut out heart shape.

collage heart

We also made Valentine cookies for Isa’s class. I told Isa two M & Ms per cookies…she thought 7 or 8 was better.

valentine cookies

Just one more cute bug shot! What is under this rug?jimmy discovery fly

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jimmy tickled himself!

Almost every time I change Jimmy’s clothes I tickle his chest and back lightly with my fingers and now he does it to himself. It is soooo cute. He’s done it a few times now and as soon as I start in he kind of freezes and then continues to enjoy it. I especially love to rub his tiny cute Buda belly. It’s so perfectly round.
Today in Speech therapy the therapist sang row row row your boat and she started by rocking her head from side to side. Jimmy then rocked his head from side to side till she sang it again and again and again. It was super cute and shows that he’s learning to communicate.
Jimmy practiced standing up today. When he’s focused on a toy he’s so good at it. We were playing princesses with Isa and he stood at her toy chest and banged the princesses many times. Isa didn’t even seem to mind. I just held his pants at the waist to make sure he didn’t fall over.
I saw this cute craft that’s easy to do and plan to do tomorrow with Isa. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share manana.
Collage Heart

Monday, February 8, 2010

When I am two will you teach me how to play this game?

Isa has asked me a few times now,  when she is two, will I do this or that? She knows she is older than two and she knows she is turning four next yet she still asks.

Isa went to school till 2pm today for the first time. When I picked her up she said she liked enrichment and did not cry. I asked her if any of the other kids cried and she said no. She told me who was there and seemed to have a great time.

I loved it! I took a short nap. I should have taken a longer one but my brain would not allow it. Most of the time my brain doesn’t even turn on…what the heck? jk

After we got home Isa told me she wanted to make me a present and to close my eyes.

Rule #1, Never agree to close your eyes.

I told her OK but make sure you do it at the project table.

Rule #2, Never assume your kid is listening to you.

A little bit later Isa comes up to me to make sure my eyes are still closed.

Rule #3, Always check immediately what your kid is doing after kid double checks your eye closure.

I followed rule #3 to find…let me show you a picture.


Yes, that is green glitter and it’s EVERYWHERE! She said it was her magic kingdom…not exactly a present for me but who remembers their original intentions these days, right?

isa and glitter

She is proud of her damage.

Jimmy, meanwhile, was pooping up a storm. It was a two person clean up job but I was alone with Isa. He was smiling the whole time I cleaned him up.

Tonight was a breeze with the kids. We had yummy leftovers for dinner and Isa was dressing up herself and her ducky in matching outfits. She ate dinner in a swimsuit as did her yellow ducky. Then she got herself and ducky ready for bed.

isa and ducky ready for bed

The ducky is even wearing panties. We were reading books when Marc came home. He took over book time and it looked something like this.

daddy reading

dora book

A few seconds later Isa got frustrated with Jimmy and pushed him over and then Isa went to time out and then straight to bed. Not the best way to end the night but it was pretty great till the push.