Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloody Ear!

This morning I was horrified slightly by Jimmy’s right ear. It looked like black goo was everywhere in it. After looking closer it wasn’t so horrible but blood is blood and I was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to ooze out of Jimmy’s ear. Jimmy, thankfully, was a happy camper and didn’t seem to mind at all. I took him to the doctor and he had a perforated ear drum caused by a middle ear infection. He started on antibiotics this morning, his first round ever, and will be taking it for 10 days. The oozing stopped almost immediately after taking the antibiotics. Fast Meds!

One of Isa’s new joys is to put wings on Jimmy. jimmy with wings

I have to admit I love seeing him in fairy wings. I think of him more as a cute bug though than a fairy.

jimmy fly

Our collage heart project was a success and very easy. Step one, draw heart. Step two, color red with marker and dot it paint or whatever you have on hand.

step 1 heart collage

Step three, use scissors, paper, and glue to decorate it. Then cut out heart shape.

collage heart

We also made Valentine cookies for Isa’s class. I told Isa two M & Ms per cookies…she thought 7 or 8 was better.

valentine cookies

Just one more cute bug shot! What is under this rug?jimmy discovery fly


  1. I was extremely horrified. He is definitely a bug.

  2. When are you getting your new camera? These tiny pictures have got to go.

  3. Isn't it just horrible when there is something wrong with the wee ones and they don't "tell" us?! Glad Jimmy-bug is already feeling better. Great craft! I bookmarked that site...that gal has some really creative ideas.

  4. awww... too cute, i miss the kiddos. See you Monday?