Thursday, February 25, 2010

A day in pictures!

This is Isa first thing in the morning. I am in bed behind her dying for a few more minutes. DSC00032

Good morning Jimmy!DSC00038

I asked Isa to get dressed and she came out of her room looking like this!


So You Think You Can Dance Dance Dance! This is her tapping outfit.


This was all before 9am.

Then Bridget, a student Developmental Therapist, came and played with us.


As soon as Bridget arrived Jimmy was reaching for her.


Reading time!


Jimmy made some funny faces this morning. Here are a few! Please ignore the dirty rug. It has been vacuumed since this morning.



Isa Artwork that I finally threw away!

This afternoon Isa an I were watching the women’s ice skating short program and Isa asked, “where is the prince?” She was also perplexed by the fact they weren’t wearing tights. I told her they were and she went up super close to the TV and told me, “no mom, they are not wearing tights.”


Last photo has a quick story. I finally went to the mall to return some stuff Marc got for Christmas that was too small. I was returning some gloves and a shirt. I had no idea what they were worth. I found some new gloves and grabbed the only size large I could find and I saw a down jacket that was for sale and decided to get that over getting Marc a new shirt. Marc approved! I went to the register and then realized the gloves cost $89.00 and I was pretty sure the gloves I was returning were not in that ball park. The gloves I was returning were worth half the amount. I started to get nervous. I checked to make sure the jacket I was purchasing was really 50% off and then went ahead praying the gloves weren’t really $89.00. She rang up the gloves and the magic # was $35.00 (thank god, i nearly had a heart attack), with the return, my coat and Marc’s fancy gloves ended up costing me only $8.oo. Woo hoo! Go to LLBean if you are in need of any winter clothing. Everything is marked down and it’s 50% off the marked down price. Thank You Grandma Jo and Papa for my new coat and Marc’s super fancy, $89.00 dollar, gloves! Yes, they will be forever known as the $89.00 gloves. I didn’t know you could spend that much on gloves. Thank goodness we didn’t!


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