Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doc’s Appt.

I went to my OB doctor this morning. I am now 9 weeks and 3 days. She was really cool today and I like her a lot more. First, her brother, Robert Dold, won the Republican primary in the 10th District of Illinois. She was very happy about that and shared with me that she too is pregnant. How can two women NOT bond when they share something like that? Plus, she did not give me any grief when I told her I was not going to do any of the prenatal screening.  I saw the heartbeat again today and it was fabulous! I also got a prescription for Zofran and I really really really hope it works and helps with the nausea. It helps everyone else…why not me? She gave me a half dose since I was given a full one with Isa and Jimmy and it made me crampy, in addition to not working.

Jimmy had Speech and Occupational therapy today. Both therapist left very happy with Jimmy’s progress. Jimmy’s speech therapist kept going on and on on how smart Jimmy is, and what a good kid he is, and how he is so verbal. It’s music to my ears!

OMG, Marc just walked in and we talked for a short bit and then almost in unison, we realized Isa was in our bed. HA! She is such a stinker. She knows it has to be really really late to be allowed entry. Oh well, that is one battle Marc and I have chosen not to fight.

Off to watch LOST!

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