Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family get together!

Marc’s sister Ellie is in town and everyone got together. All five grandkids were present and an announcement was made that there will be a new grandbaby. That will be 7 for Jo and Jeph and 4 for Kit and Janet! Congratulations! Janet is due Sept. 7th, 2010 (2 days after me). Who knows, maybe our kids will share a birthday.I hope they are the same sex. That would be extra cool.

We also celebrated Ellie’s birthday and sadly, Marc nor I, were prepared with a gift. Isa was very sad she did not have a gift to give her. She cried on my shoulder for a bit and then I reminded her that in the movie, Princess Stories, Cinderella could not think of anything to get for the King so she sang him a song. Isa thought singing a song would be a good idea so she sang a song she learned at school that goes something like this: Alabama, Mississippi, Alabama, Mississippi, shake your bami to New Orleans. Shake, shake, shake, shake your bami, Shake, shake, shake, shake your bami, Shake your bami down to New Orleans (repeated several times). Every time she sang it she got a little louder.

Jimmy showed off his mad skills and apparently ate an entire oatmeal cookie. I hope he doesn’t get a tummy ache.

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