Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun with Bobby!

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today until Bobby came over to play and I got some great pictures of the boys playing together.

Isa was pretty sure Bobby should be a princess. He allowed it for a few minutes and then said ENOUGH!



Bobby and Jimmy played the drums for Isa so she could dance with Mama A. They did a great job and didn’t hit each other! DSC00112


Then they played with their maracas. Jimmy wasn’t holding back!


Jimmy got a little crazy and fell back on Bobby. He didn’t seem to mind.


This was the closest I got to both of them smiling at the same time. Bobby didn’t think my jokes were funny. I will have to work on that.


Isa had her own game going while the boys were playing. She had her animals dressed up and ready to perform. Jaguar the butterfly is my favorite.


The animals insisted their teacher pose with them. She obliged.


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  1. I absolutely love the second picture of the boys with the maracas! Their expressions are great!