Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great in Comparison

Tonight Marc and I went to see a play at Steppenwolf Theatre. It was called American Buffalo. It had a great set, well done, great acting, etc., but one of the characters was annoying so it was hard for me to enjoy it since he was annoying me. It kept me awake though and in the state that I’m in that is an accomplishment. On the way there I was thinking I should have advised Marc to take someone else. After arriving home though and finding out what our sitter went through…I think the play was the right choice. She had a few battles with Isa that would not have lasted more than a second with me but lasted a long time with the sitter and Jimmy cried for a long time and needed to be rocked to sleep. Actually, when I think about it…what was difficult for her would have been a lot easier for me as I would not have put up with Isa and I would have just put Jimmy in my lap while I watched TV. Lost was on tonight and I really wanted to watch it. Still a toss up on which choice was better…

I have been shocked at the accuracy of some of the descriptions of people so I tried it out myself. The description for my name is quite short but I can’t say it is wrong.

what my name means according to urban dictionary.com

American Buffalo

A snapshot from the play, American Buffalo.

Anyways, I’m exhausted and need to retire. Buenas noches!

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