Monday, February 22, 2010

I think it’s official

It has been a week and Isa has not had an accident at night (except for one on the way to the bathroom). She wakes up and pees all on her own. Last night I heard her get up and noticed that it was taking her awhile so I went to check up on her. She was leaving the kitchen as I was walking in and I asked her if she went potty and she said yes and that she was thirsty so she got some water. I love my new independent chick when she does things  like that. I don’t like it when she helps herself to ANYthing she wants. We are working on that.

Sunday, Marc took the kids to Toys R Us and returned with a barbie and a tunnel. Jimmy has been army crawling like crazy and loves the tunnel. Tonight I dangled some bananas from the kitchen and he came army crawling pretty fast. It’s amazing and scary. I keep noticing tiny toys that Jimmy can pick up and put in his mouth. Barbie shoes are the worst. I think I am going to find them all and hide them for a long long time.

Tonight after Marc got home I told him about some of Isa’s mishaps and he asked Isa if she would be a good girl tomorrow and she replied after some thought, “I can try.”necklace

Isa made me this necklace. I wore it out to the mall and the movies. Everyone thought it was beautiful.

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