Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Isa is wearing my boots.

Isa and I did a lot of butting heads today, so when she wanted to wear my boots to playgroup, I said, “YES.”

isa in my boots. it won't be long

Some funny things Isa said today:

Me: isa did you pick up the blocks in mommy's room?
Isa: yes
Me: if I find out you are lying you will get timeout.
Isa: I think I was lying. I was just being funny and didn't do it so I think I was lying.


I just looked over at Isa and she says, "it's just chalk. i'm not going to write on your walls." I just laughed.

Jimmy had a good eating day. He ate nearly 85% adult food: bananas, toast, avocado, blue berries, eggs, toast and he drank (allowed me to squirt in) nearly 6 ounces of a fruit puree and water. That is a good day for Jimmy. I am worried he will be constipated tomorrow. A new thing he does when he eats now is put his hands in his hair. I have to wash his hair after every meal and snack. Not fun for either of us but he gets super dirty.

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