Saturday, February 27, 2010

Isa was born to be on stage.

This morning I asked Isa, “should we go to ballet class or a really cool music concert at your school where some of your school friends will be?” As you might be able to guess she chose the Jeanie B music concert. It was tons of fun and as soon as it started Isa started dancing or maybe better described as performing for everyone.

Everyone was given an inflatable guitar. Isa had her own way of playing it. This is a great action shot of her rockin out.


There was no hint of shyness or embarrassment. Just pure joy being in front of everyone. I really thought other kids would join in but she was pretty much the only one till the very end.



Jimmy had a great time too but since he was on my lap most of the time I didn’t take very cool pictures of him. He was grooving to the tunes as well.


At the end, Jeanie B rolled out tons of bubble wrap, and all the kids jumped on it. It was pretty cool.


Thank you St. Francis for a wonderful concert! We had fun.

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