Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jimmy tickled himself!

Almost every time I change Jimmy’s clothes I tickle his chest and back lightly with my fingers and now he does it to himself. It is soooo cute. He’s done it a few times now and as soon as I start in he kind of freezes and then continues to enjoy it. I especially love to rub his tiny cute Buda belly. It’s so perfectly round.
Today in Speech therapy the therapist sang row row row your boat and she started by rocking her head from side to side. Jimmy then rocked his head from side to side till she sang it again and again and again. It was super cute and shows that he’s learning to communicate.
Jimmy practiced standing up today. When he’s focused on a toy he’s so good at it. We were playing princesses with Isa and he stood at her toy chest and banged the princesses many times. Isa didn’t even seem to mind. I just held his pants at the waist to make sure he didn’t fall over.
I saw this cute craft that’s easy to do and plan to do tomorrow with Isa. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share manana.
Collage Heart

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