Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a few drops!

Our first night of Isa sleeping with the bedwetting alarm went very well. She peed a drop or two and then the alarm went off which halted her bladder. I then had her walk to the bathroom where she was allowed to release. She did not get a single drop of pee in her bed. Funny, this morning, she did not remember getting up at all. I hope tonight goes as well…although at some point she will remember…or at least that is what the literature states.

Isa is taking after her mama and shortening short words. She now says, “Dad, I just wanted to read two books, sill.” Sill in place of silly.

Jimmy had a good day. He ate a lot of food and was a happy boy. He is consistently and clearly saying nana for banana. And, when his DT was here this morning, she asked where the dog’s nose was, and Jimmy answered by signing dog. Pretty cool. The DT did not know the sign so Jimmy taught her something!

When I was reading to Isa tonight I  was thinking I should go ride the bike downstairs…hahahaha. I think I might just pass out instead.
 I hope to get a camera next month so I can avoid finding random ones on the internet. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Among the best postings ever. Anne