Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mom’s in town!

My mom showed up late on Thursday and will be here till Tuesday. That means, right now I am playing on the computer next to Marc, who is sleeping, while my mom plays with the kids. It’s so nice to get a nap everyday and relax a bit. Who knows, Marc and I may even go out tonight, but maybe I shouldn’t push my luck. The naps are especially nice because Isa and Jimmy like to conspire and make sure I don’t sleep more than two hours in a row. The night time potty training is on us but the teething, ear infections, and whatever else is bothering Jimmy, whelp I hope it’s not our fault. He was such a great sleeper till the teeth and the ear and it’s just amazing how tired that makes me. I really want to give up on the night time potty training with Isa. She has improved from the first week till the second week but it is so exhausting and the alarm keeps my heart racing long after everyone else has gone back to sleep. Isa doesn’t want to wear pull-ups anymore though and so I feel stuck.

On Friday Isa celebrated Valentines Day with her class. She told me that everyone’s Valentines had treats but hers didn’t. I can’t believe it. We made cookies for everyone but to get credit for them, you need to individually wrap them and tape them to your valentine. Here I thought the cookies would be a hit and they were just the un-cool homemade treats to be shared compared to all the lollipops and chocolates attached to a valentine. Errr, one day our Valentines will be the BEST! haha JK, maybe!

Jimmy had a fun play date on Friday with Jack and Adi. It was great to see Jack crawl around and Adi sat up for a few seconds. Jimmy was enamored with Katie and her dog. He ate nearly two pieces of pizza without the cheese. I can’t help but wonder if that upset his tummy last night. He couldn’t get enough and I couldn’t say no to the sweet man. I won’t make that mistake again. He is still rocking his head from side to side so that we will sing row, row, row your boat. I need to put him in a music class. Maybe I can squeeze one in between developmental therapy, Isa’s ballet, and my nap!

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