Friday, February 19, 2010

New Mother New Baby

At New Mother New Baby, a store in Northbrook, a new playgroup was started for parents with kids with Down syndrome. It was lots of fun. ABC News was there and Jimmy was dressed to the nines in Bobby’s hand me downs. We sang songs, danced, and Jimmy crawled in this one tunnel a million times. He loved it. He also hung out with his reflection for a long long time. For those in the area, it is meeting again on March 6th…I still don’t know the time but hopefully I will remember to post it.

Jimmy bumping heads with himself.

jimmy bumping heads w himself

He’s thinking, who’s taller?

jimmy mirror

It’s hard to tell but here he is waving to the good looking boy in the mirror.

jimmy waving

There were a few kids his age there. One girl was 20 months like Jimmy and she was so much bigger and so active and drinking. It’s great to see that it is possible…although technically Jack (one of Jimmy’s BFFs who is younger) showed us that a long time ago! Jimmy is such a munchkin!

When Jimmy was dancing he went wild. Everyone was amazed at how much fun he had. Sadly, the cameras had left at that point. He would have definitely been the head story if they caught his dance moves!

Things to buy Jimmy: a mirror and a tunnel!

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