Thursday, February 18, 2010

Picnic Indoors!

Thursday mornings has turned into focused playtime at our house. I try not to plan anything and we just play. It’s amazing how many activities one can play between 9 and 12. Isa generally goes through 10 outfit changes and directs several games where she or I are the bad guy. Today, we made a tiara.

isa sneaky

It’s lopsided as you can tell but involved dot paint and glitter…is there anything better?

After Jimmy went down for a nap Isa and I had an indoor picnic. Something I suggested several weeks ago and keep forgetting about till after lunch. Today it happened and it was kind of fun.

isa picnic

living room picnic

Yesterday afternoon I was ironing a curtain on the floor and I put Jimmy in his room. It felt like it was two or three minutes but maybe more time passed and I looked up and Jimmy was in the kitchen. That is by far the longest army crawl he has done. I was worried that someone was in my house and had moved him. He is definitely picking up his stamina a little at a time. Of course, he rarely crawls, army or on all fours, for a crowd but he’s doing it in secret (or he has a secret, invisible friend that helps him out from time to time).

jimmy crawling

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