Monday, February 8, 2010

When I am two will you teach me how to play this game?

Isa has asked me a few times now,  when she is two, will I do this or that? She knows she is older than two and she knows she is turning four next yet she still asks.

Isa went to school till 2pm today for the first time. When I picked her up she said she liked enrichment and did not cry. I asked her if any of the other kids cried and she said no. She told me who was there and seemed to have a great time.

I loved it! I took a short nap. I should have taken a longer one but my brain would not allow it. Most of the time my brain doesn’t even turn on…what the heck? jk

After we got home Isa told me she wanted to make me a present and to close my eyes.

Rule #1, Never agree to close your eyes.

I told her OK but make sure you do it at the project table.

Rule #2, Never assume your kid is listening to you.

A little bit later Isa comes up to me to make sure my eyes are still closed.

Rule #3, Always check immediately what your kid is doing after kid double checks your eye closure.

I followed rule #3 to find…let me show you a picture.


Yes, that is green glitter and it’s EVERYWHERE! She said it was her magic kingdom…not exactly a present for me but who remembers their original intentions these days, right?

isa and glitter

She is proud of her damage.

Jimmy, meanwhile, was pooping up a storm. It was a two person clean up job but I was alone with Isa. He was smiling the whole time I cleaned him up.

Tonight was a breeze with the kids. We had yummy leftovers for dinner and Isa was dressing up herself and her ducky in matching outfits. She ate dinner in a swimsuit as did her yellow ducky. Then she got herself and ducky ready for bed.

isa and ducky ready for bed

The ducky is even wearing panties. We were reading books when Marc came home. He took over book time and it looked something like this.

daddy reading

dora book

A few seconds later Isa got frustrated with Jimmy and pushed him over and then Isa went to time out and then straight to bed. Not the best way to end the night but it was pretty great till the push.

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  1. What's up with the lack of posts? How am I supposed to keep up with what's going on?