Wednesday, March 31, 2010

70 degrees and Sunny

Talking business really makes me excited and tired at the same time. There are always a million scenarios and most of the time there isn’t a clear choice. The worst part are all the ifs, how the dominoes fall if this or that, it all makes me nervous. I wish we could just be open.

But, who cares, when it’s 70s outside. Yesterday, we dyed a few eggs…just warming up (and, yes we didn’t brush her hair till very late in the day)!


I bribed Isa to wear the skirt I made for her. She wanted to wear it but under a dress. She said that made it fancy. I talked her into wearing her leotard with it. At one point I pulled the, do I ever force you to wear this or that….NOOOO….so please wear this for me, plea.

In this picture I think Isa is imagining she is a dress maker. She was talking to herself and smiling and touching all the fabrics while I was checking out.


Jimmy enjoying the warm weather while Isa and her friend fished and ran from sharks.


The girls fishing.


Now they are running from sharks or maybe to the ambulance after a shark bite…not entirely sure.


Today Jimmy had therapy in the park. Is there a better kind? Pull, Jimmy, Pull!


He worked on shapes, colors, and puzzles.


and went down a slide! I walked over saying, “Good Job Jimmy,” and he immediately started clapping. I love it!


This week was pajama week at Isa’s school. Isa’s outfit today.


That’s all for now folks! Chicagoans, the weather is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. Yay!

Monday, March 29, 2010

a great day despite a crappy night of sleep.

Last night between my bladder, Isa’s bladder and alarm, Jimmy’s croup (I KNOW, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? he totally had full blown croup at 1am) and Jimmy’s early wake up, I didn’t sleep too well. I woke up feeling very tired, and that is one of the reasons I decided I had no choice, but walk to Isa’s school with the kids in the stroller.  My plan worked and the walk totally woke me up. I got back and started cleaning sheets, pads, and all peed on objects. Then I hemmed the yoga pants/favorite new piece of clothing that I was wearing and I am impressed with my job. Both legs are equal in length and they just barely hit the ground with tennis on. Then, while Jimmy was in therapy and later while he was taking a nap, I worked on this skirt.


I started last night by cutting out the pieces. It’s such an easy pattern and I found it online at Kuky Ideas. I would have loved to finish today but Isa passed out on me on the way home from Vogue Fabrics. All I need to do is make sure the elastic band isn’t to tight or loose and then sew it. I want to make one for myself now.

Jimmy is a totally snot bug today. It just comes out all thick and slimy. He’s happy though.


Other things that got accomplished…opened a bank account for the coffee shop, set up appointment to get loan, and in the works-setting up appointment to negotiate a lease. Oh and did I mention, no Zofran today. That’s two days in a row. Life is good!

This is a picture of Isa and Jimmy while Jonathan and I were at the bank. They were so good.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

and the drinking saga continues…

As soon as Jimmy got the stomach bug over two weeks ago, he stopped allowing me to squirt liquids in his mouth. Today was the first day he got at least 4 or 5 ounces in. I don’t know why this is so hard. I can’t wait for the day that this is a distant memory. Isa desperately wanted me to help her make a hat but I was desperately trying to get some liquids via a straw into Jimmy. Thankfully, he doesn’t have a hydration problem. He eats lots of fruit and gets plenty of juices that way,  but via a cup or straw, it’s next to nothing. I plan to work extra hard core this week and next. He will get this before he is two, right?

On the bright side, Jimmy is pretty snotty right now (wait for it). Yesterday, he was unable to nap due to his snottiness. He even sounded a little bit croupy. Marc took him on a long walk in the cold air and I think it took the croupiness away. I love that he is getting bigger and able to fight away croup (the bright side). I will totally jinx it but he has been croup free for a long time now.

This weekend was fun. We spent a lot of time together as a family. When Marc is home the music is on a lot which means there are lots of dance parties and smiles on people’s faces. We went on a short walk and found this huge tree that was cut down. Its width was the height of Isa and she is approximately 3 feet tall.


Marc and I were saying Isa look at us and smile. This was all she was willing to do for us. Ha ha!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

so random

A few things I have learned recently:
1) you can check a car seat on American Airlines and you don't pay anything.
2) Jimmy prefers to eat his avocado in large pieces.
3) you can buy a ton of toys at a rummage sale for under 35 dollars.
4) when potatoes go bad they smell really really bad (like a dead decomposing animal bad).

ok, boring...that is why i haven't posted in a few days. By the time the kids are in bed I am exhausted. I have been crazy busy just trying to keep up. On our first day back from vacation, Jimmy had a doctor's appointment in Oakbrook Terrace, a good hour from my house. That night I was forced to spend loads, $35.00, on lots of toys for the coffee shop, at a rummage sale. Wednesday, I did loads of laundry because Isa seems to not be potty trained anymore at night. Being on vacation ruined her. She was going to bed super late and waking up at her normal time. Plus, she was super congested. She was snoring so loud. Today, we relaxed a bit, checked out a place for the coffee shop, hit the gym only to shower, and had two opportunities to go out this evening but managed to do neither. The first was to visit a friend I volunteered with in Mexico. I ended up saying no because she is in downtown Chicago and the kids weren't in bed till 7:45pm...too late of a start. Second one was down the street but I felt pressure to look nice and that was too much for me. Now I am writing the worst blog post ever!

Oh and I copied Queen of Harrisonville and organized my bins with pictures. It was fun organizing the toys for their photo shoots. Isa took many of the photos. I even put up a backdrop. I even rearranged Isa's drawers a bit.
a close up of doll house toys and baby accessories
and a close up of Barbies and large figurines...the Barbies are not dressed appropriately but it was either that or in the nude. I figured some clothing is better than none..although Ariel can't seem to find her skirt.

Today Isa noted that there was something on the glass door, I checked it out and told her, "yup, a bird pooped on the door." She said, " he didn't wipe."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Poo (not a gross post, i promise!)

Isa put this on and asked all the adults to take her to the pool. Poor thing had to wait a long time but she finally got pool time. Sadly, both Isa and Jimmy got a little burned today. Tomorrow we return to our house. I just remembered that I never stopped the newspaper. Ha! I wonder if it really looks that different than when we are home since I never read it. I mostly use the paper for art projects or when painting my house. When Isa says pool it sounds more like poo.
Wonderful Grandma Jo watched the kids again so we could watch another Cubs game. This time Tessa was there too.
Tessa and I
Me, Tessa, and Jeph...notice the Hook 'Em shirt!
Aunt Tessa getting some kiddo time watching the Prince and the Frog.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jimmy the Cookie Monster!

Everyone left the kids and I today! Marc went to watch the Hawks play with some friends who are in Scottsdale this weekend. Jo and Jeph went to pick up my sister in law, Tessa, from the airport and take her out to dinner. Jimmy, Isa and I were left behind and we made some yummy cookies, chocolate chip cookies! They were pretty delicious and Jimmy had a blast eating his.

watcha looking at? i didn't undo the bib, it just fell.
have you never seen a guy eat a cookie before? geez.
wanna know how i feel about this cookie? yes, i love the cookie!
i think we should have cookies at every meal. yup, that's a great idea. hooray!
thanks mama, maybe next time i will share with you! he he he he!
what, you want to clean me up? nooooooooooo!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chill day and Zoo day.

Yesterday we spent the day indoors since both Isa and I were kind of rashy from the sun. Isa's was pretty bad since she scratched it so much. Poor thing. We decided to stay indoors. Marc and Isa went to Target to get some golf and hockey gear. They came back with a golf set and The Princess and the Frog movie. We had a great time staying put. We played with chalk.

Marc and Jimmy cuddling on the floor. Every time Marc walks away from Jimmy, Jimmy cries this ear piercing cry. It will be nice when Marc goes back to work so I don't have to hear it every 10 minutes.
My brother Luke just happened to be in Scottsdale this week. He is on springbreak. Woo hoo!
Isa took full advantage of Uncle Luke time.
Jimmy played with Uncle Luke!
Jimmy and Papa! Tubberware is the best!
Today we went to the Phoenix Zoo. It was super crowded. Strollers and crying babies everywhere. It was expensive and the animals were all hiding or motionless is some corner. Isa had fun though at the two parks they had.
This is Isa in a treehouse. She thought it was the best and was walking around pretending she was head of the household.
Marc and Jimmy were checking out the map in the hopes of seeing some cool animals.
Before we left Isa and I rode on the Carousel. She thought it was the best. She really wanted to ride on the shark but we didn't get there first and we were second in line. Who knew the shark would be the biggest hit?
She is waving at Marc and Jimmy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This morning Marc and I packed up the kids fairly early and we headed off to Sedona. It was about a two hour drive from where we were. It was a cool drive. We saw lots of Saguaros and drove in the highlands for a long time. It was cool driving amongst the mountain tips. We went to the Chapel of Holy Cross, which is a Catholic chapel, built into the side of the red rock.
2010 march sedona 114
The kids in the car.
2010 march sedona 105
We went into the town of Sedona and walked around. Isa really really really wanted something and everything in every store. It  was always the ONE thing she really wanted until the next store. My reply every time was, if you really want it that can be your birthday gift.
2010 march sedona 049
Marc and the kids just walking through town. The kids are obsessed with Marc and no one wanted to walk with me. :(
2010 march sedona 055
and then they just walk away. You can’t tell in the photo but I am yelling, “wait up, please, just wait a bit!” just kidding
2010 march sedona 057
Isa in front of some pig/hogs that are brightly decorated.
2010 march sedona 060
After we  had lunch we went to a  Rainbow Trout Farm where you can fish and take home the fish you catch in ice. It’s a fish farm with millions of fish.
2010 march sedona 066
As you can imagine it was pretty easy to catch a fish. Marc and Isa caught one on their first try.
2010 march sedona 077
2010 march sedona 089
2010 march sedona 090
Then I tried to catch one and uh, well, my string and hook got caught in the tree above me. There was a fish on my hook but it wiggled itself free and my hook went flying upwards.  Ugh! We wanted to take two fish back with us so Marc dipped the net in the water and got one pretty quickly. That is how Marc and I like to fish!
2010 march sedona 091
I put Jimmy on the ground for a few minutes and he managed to get two rocks and a leaf in his mouth. I think this summer is going to be a long one.  Below is Jimmy examining the goods.
2010 march sedona 071
This rock looks good.
2010 march sedona 073
Jimmy trying to look innocent after he munched on the rock.
2010 march sedona 074
Marc trying to get a picture to send in to ANTM season 20.
2010 march sedona 069
Lastly, one of Jimmy and I, or at least, part of me!
2010 march sedona 086
Tonight we will dine Harrison style on some flank steak and trout. It’s so great staying with Chef Jo and Jeph!