Wednesday, March 31, 2010

70 degrees and Sunny

Talking business really makes me excited and tired at the same time. There are always a million scenarios and most of the time there isn’t a clear choice. The worst part are all the ifs, how the dominoes fall if this or that, it all makes me nervous. I wish we could just be open.

But, who cares, when it’s 70s outside. Yesterday, we dyed a few eggs…just warming up (and, yes we didn’t brush her hair till very late in the day)!


I bribed Isa to wear the skirt I made for her. She wanted to wear it but under a dress. She said that made it fancy. I talked her into wearing her leotard with it. At one point I pulled the, do I ever force you to wear this or that….NOOOO….so please wear this for me, plea.

In this picture I think Isa is imagining she is a dress maker. She was talking to herself and smiling and touching all the fabrics while I was checking out.


Jimmy enjoying the warm weather while Isa and her friend fished and ran from sharks.


The girls fishing.


Now they are running from sharks or maybe to the ambulance after a shark bite…not entirely sure.


Today Jimmy had therapy in the park. Is there a better kind? Pull, Jimmy, Pull!


He worked on shapes, colors, and puzzles.


and went down a slide! I walked over saying, “Good Job Jimmy,” and he immediately started clapping. I love it!


This week was pajama week at Isa’s school. Isa’s outfit today.


That’s all for now folks! Chicagoans, the weather is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. Yay!

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