Saturday, March 6, 2010

Agatha and Alistair turn 2!

Janet and I have tried to get together several times now and illness has prevented us and the kids from doing that. We were finally all well at the same time and got to celebrate Agatha and Alistair’s second birthday. There was lots of fun playing.

Olivia reading to everyone.


Time to open gifts…in costume of course!


Group Picture


Come on guys…smile at the same time. Just in case you can’t read their names, from left to right, Olivia, Jimmy, Isa, Agatha and Alistair.DSC00258

Enough of that…more playtime. Poor Alistair, his name is all crooked on his shirt. My bad.


I think this is my favorite picture of the afternoon. How cute are Jimmy and Agatha?



  1. Am I to understand that you made these shirts??? If so, I would like order two...

  2. Sign me up for an order too! They're so cute... and my poor children got saddled with insane parents with crazy name choices and will never find store bought items with their names on them.