Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art Festival

We went to an Art Festival in Scottsdale. It was super nice. Lots of great (too rich for our blood) beautiful art, yum food, beautiful scenery, good music, and art projects for the young.

Jimmy and Marc sharing some ice cream. not pictured: me eating some ice cream. super yummy gelato!
What about Isa?, you may ask...well take a look!
Next up, we hit the music scene and listened to some music. Sadly, the music, or maybe the ice cream, or the lemonade was Marc's cue to run to the bathroom. The bug has won and finally reached all members of our family. Marc is officially sick. 

Jimmy had a great time dancing!
He loves to swing and clap his legs when he dances.
He is so happy when the music is playing.
The music was Jimmy's favorite and the art projects were Isa's favorite. Here she is decorating a tie for Daddy.
Then she got to make the coolest hat ever. If you want to make a hat like this you need a big piece of paper.
Lots of markers but not for eating...silly!
and then after you draw and color and draw, you find a bucket that fits nicely on your head, and use that as the hat shaper. You put the center of the paper over the bucket, press it firmly against the bucket, and tape, with masking tape, the paper around the bucket. Then you roll the sides of the paper in, remove the bucket  and...
oh and you can add a little tissue paper flower to stick on the top or the side for an added touch of glamor. Below is Marc modeling all the goods. He's such a great dad putting a smile on even after the BUG hit him hard. He is still super sick. Poor guy and now his parents have a chance of getting sick. Ugh. I think Marc feels worse about that than getting sick himself. I hope he feels better tomorrow. 

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