Friday, March 19, 2010

Chill day and Zoo day.

Yesterday we spent the day indoors since both Isa and I were kind of rashy from the sun. Isa's was pretty bad since she scratched it so much. Poor thing. We decided to stay indoors. Marc and Isa went to Target to get some golf and hockey gear. They came back with a golf set and The Princess and the Frog movie. We had a great time staying put. We played with chalk.

Marc and Jimmy cuddling on the floor. Every time Marc walks away from Jimmy, Jimmy cries this ear piercing cry. It will be nice when Marc goes back to work so I don't have to hear it every 10 minutes.
My brother Luke just happened to be in Scottsdale this week. He is on springbreak. Woo hoo!
Isa took full advantage of Uncle Luke time.
Jimmy played with Uncle Luke!
Jimmy and Papa! Tubberware is the best!
Today we went to the Phoenix Zoo. It was super crowded. Strollers and crying babies everywhere. It was expensive and the animals were all hiding or motionless is some corner. Isa had fun though at the two parks they had.
This is Isa in a treehouse. She thought it was the best and was walking around pretending she was head of the household.
Marc and Jimmy were checking out the map in the hopes of seeing some cool animals.
Before we left Isa and I rode on the Carousel. She thought it was the best. She really wanted to ride on the shark but we didn't get there first and we were second in line. Who knew the shark would be the biggest hit?
She is waving at Marc and Jimmy.


  1. That hat on Isa is glamorous!

  2. Totally dig the hat... very Jackie O - swanky!