Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cute but bad…

The morning started out pretty typically. Isa being cute in a semi-bad way. She went into my closet and found this dress and put it on. How can I get mad when it looks so super cute on her?


This morning we made some paper bag puppets. Isa made this one all by herself. It is a pig puppet. At first I didn’t get the eye placement but now I can see that the square end is clearly the nose.


Isa found the blue and white paper and said, “these look like pants,” and then they became pants from the 60’s. Love the inverted bell-bottoms. I helped with the shirt but the rest was her handiwork.


I tried to get Jimmy to participate but I think our family drum circle has made crayons nothing more than a drum stick. oh well! Pictured is a popsicle stick but you get the gist…he was doing the same thing with the crayons.


Isa cut a chunk of her hair today. She walked into Jimmy’s room twirling her hair smiling from ear to ear…essentially saying to me, I did something wrong and here is a clue. It was very obvious she had cut her hair and so the drilling began. Me: “Did you cut your hair?” Isa: “No, I didn’t.” I then asked her why this part of her hair was shorter than the rest and she said, “it growed short.” I know, how can you not laugh? That was just one of many lies today. She also lied about her sandwich. I asked her why it was in the trash can and she said she ate it. Hmmm, I told her she better tell me the truth or she would get a spanking. She then told me she threw it away. What am I going to do with this girl?

Jimmy, oh poor Jimmy! The good news is he is back to his old self. Eating, drinking, playing like a normal kid and resisting nap like a normal kid. I tried putting him down several times and he would freak out so I would get him and then try again a little later. After doing this several times I decided to let him cry it out. He cried hard for 10-15 minutes and it seemed like his cries were getting louder so I peeked in to make sure he wasn’t stuck in the crib and low and behold he was standing up scared out of his mind. He was like, get me down from here. It took me quite awhile to calm him down. In fact, I decided to walk around the block with him in the Ergo and Isa on her tricycle. He fell asleep very quickly. I feel so bad. As soon as I get tough, Jimmy has a real reason to cry. Ugh, I feel horrible and super proud. Jimmy can STAND UP! Woo hoo!

Jimmy playing later in the day. OK, he doesn’t hate me. Thank Goodness!


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