Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jimmy the Cookie Monster!

Everyone left the kids and I today! Marc went to watch the Hawks play with some friends who are in Scottsdale this weekend. Jo and Jeph went to pick up my sister in law, Tessa, from the airport and take her out to dinner. Jimmy, Isa and I were left behind and we made some yummy cookies, chocolate chip cookies! They were pretty delicious and Jimmy had a blast eating his.

watcha looking at? i didn't undo the bib, it just fell.
have you never seen a guy eat a cookie before? geez.
wanna know how i feel about this cookie? yes, i love the cookie!
i think we should have cookies at every meal. yup, that's a great idea. hooray!
thanks mama, maybe next time i will share with you! he he he he!
what, you want to clean me up? nooooooooooo!


  1. That first picture looks like Jimmy might have had one too many cookies... yummy and adorable!

  2. Too cute! Abbi's right... he does sort of look like he has a cookie hangover! :) From the pictures that follow, he appears to have recovered nicely! Yay, cookie monster!