Monday, March 15, 2010


I woke up after a rough sleepless night of 1) isa peeing on me 2) isa snoring all night and 3) jimmy waking up at his regular Chicago time regardless of his later bedtime. boo. I learned that Jo, Marc's mom, was sick all night and Marc is still under the weather.
Jeph decided to take Isa for a walk and Jimmy and I tagged along. I took some nature shots.
a cactus with a beautiful flower in full bloom
Isa telling us she wants to turn back after just a few minutes!
a different kind of cactus
and another one...
the next cactus is a saguaro. according to Jeph it takes 75 years to get an arms. this cactus could be 200+ years old. 

Isa and Jeph
and some other plant...maybe a rhubarb plant?

Jeph, Marc's dad, decided to take Isa out to give us a break. Isa freaked at having to leave, it was a full on crying tantrum (I was outside reading at the time!!!). Isa apparently cried for awhile in the car and Grandpa Jeph decided to take Isa to Safeway and Target and that is where Isa's shopping spree began. She got a book, a movie, a balloon, a booster seat, and a beautiful dress with butterflies on it. What a lucky chick! When she got home she told me that she cried until she saw the beautiful dress and that getting it made her happy. I laughed at her story but was horrified too. Who is this girl? Have we created a monster?
the dress!
no shoes, no shirt, no service!
luxury bath time!
truck fun!

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