Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Many short stories and a video

Ever since “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” became Jimmy’s favorite song, I have been trying to get him to like a new one, or at least try and give him some more options. He is constantly waving his head from side to side, which means, sing now! Some of the songs we have been singing a lot include: If you are happy and you know it, Open-shut them, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. This morning Jimmy surprised me by doing all the hand motions to If you are Happy and you Know it. He did it twice and then I got the camera and by this time he was getting a little lazy. The key to getting Jimmy to do it is to not do the motions yourself. He’s like, why would I do it when you are putting on a show for me?.

Jimmy showed off some other skills today too. He said pretty clearly all done. He signed baby. He’s pointing with his hand in the I Love You sign…so he is pointing with both his pointing finger and pinky finger at the same time. It makes it hard to tell what he is pointing to exactly but it works.

Isa had an interesting day as well. We play this game where I say I am going to eat her fingers and then she tells me why I can’t. She will say something like I need them to grab things. I told her I would eat her tongue and she said no, I need it for speaking. I then asked her what else is the tongue for and she said, “sticking out but that’s not very nice.”

On the way home from school I was asking Isa about all the kids in her class and who she played with. I was trying to name every kid I could think of and she said she played with C and M and it was fun but then at reading time they told her she couldn’t sit with them. She teared up and told me the teachers said they had to be nice but they weren’t.  I then said, “you would never do that right? (she totally would and probably does) You let everyone sit by you, right?” And she said, “yes, because you will give me lots of spankings if I don’t.” What? She has seriously had fewer than 5 in her life and I doubt any of them hurt her but I’m glad there is some fear there!

Yesterday, Isa watched Tarzan for the second time and both times that she watched it she cried when Kerchak died. It was so super cute. She really gets what she is watching now. She also smiles ear to ear when friends hug or kiss.

The end of Isa’s day involved lots of throwing up. Poor girl. She finally got sick. I hope she gets a good night rest and lots of rest tomorrow so she can board that plane at 4:30pm on Friday. Thank you Marc for cleaning it all up. I am so horrible at handling vomit and a sick toddler (Jimmy was way easier). I just put a towel over the throw up so that Marc could clean it when he got home. I then let Isa sleep in our bed and she started up again and Marc was like, where’s the bucket, the waterproof pad, and why isn’t her hair in a ponytail? Sorry! I will do better next time. I really thought she was done. 

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  1. i loved this post! Loved watching Jimmy in the video, great job Jimmy! He is doing so well:) He's adorable! Isa has me cracking up with the stories you share of her, stormy is going through the fibbing right now it is kind of funny when they think they are pulling one over on us sometimes its hard not to laugh. xoxo