Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pinnacle Peak Hike and Cubs Game

This morning we took a hike up to Pinnacle Peak. Mountain pictured below.
Yesterday I posted that Saguaros get an arm every 75 years but the truth is it takes 75 years to start getting arms. Once they start they can get multiple arms at a time.
a crazy looking Saguaro
on the trail
family shot
Isa walked up a quarter of a mile by herself! Marc carried her the rest of the way. She walked about a quarter of the mile of the way down. She did lots rock jumping. At one point she told Marc she could do it by herself. He let her and she skinned her knee. She got back up though and started jumping again. 
Marc, Isa, and Jeph
This afternoon Marc, Jeph, and I went to Mesa to watch a Cubs game. It was a beautiful day, lots of sun, some good baseball, and no kids. It was enjoyable. Thank You Grandma Jo for watching the little ones! Not that it counts but the Cubs won 4-1.

Marc and his dad
Marc and I

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