Monday, March 8, 2010

Round two of the stomach flu

Sunday morning I woke up nauseous. Not crazy since I am pregnant but it persisted even after I took the Zofran. I thought it was due to going out the night before, eating Mexican food, and having a coke (and a Dr. Pepper the night before) after not having a caffeinated soda in 6 months. Jimmy let me know that he was feeling the same way. Not a fun combination but thankfully Marc took care of us.

Today I feel a whole lot better but my stomach is still sore and I am super tired. I am sticking to chicken noodle soup all day. Jimmy has had very little to eat today…some sips of Gatorade, a few spoonfuls of chicken broth, and two things of pureed fruit. He has slept most of the day which I have to say has been a blessing. It would have killed me to hold him all day.

I went to OBGYN today and Isa and I heard the baby’s heartbeat. His/her heartbeat is 160! Isa brought her baby doll to the appointment and she had her heartbeat listened to as well. It sounded a little different but Isa was happy about it.

I kept Isa home from school today thinking she would for sure be sick but she seems happy as can be. Time will tell. I am waiting desperately for Marc to come home so I can retire to my bed.

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