Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This morning Marc and I packed up the kids fairly early and we headed off to Sedona. It was about a two hour drive from where we were. It was a cool drive. We saw lots of Saguaros and drove in the highlands for a long time. It was cool driving amongst the mountain tips. We went to the Chapel of Holy Cross, which is a Catholic chapel, built into the side of the red rock.
2010 march sedona 114
The kids in the car.
2010 march sedona 105
We went into the town of Sedona and walked around. Isa really really really wanted something and everything in every store. It  was always the ONE thing she really wanted until the next store. My reply every time was, if you really want it that can be your birthday gift.
2010 march sedona 049
Marc and the kids just walking through town. The kids are obsessed with Marc and no one wanted to walk with me. :(
2010 march sedona 055
and then they just walk away. You can’t tell in the photo but I am yelling, “wait up, please, just wait a bit!” just kidding
2010 march sedona 057
Isa in front of some pig/hogs that are brightly decorated.
2010 march sedona 060
After we  had lunch we went to a  Rainbow Trout Farm where you can fish and take home the fish you catch in ice. It’s a fish farm with millions of fish.
2010 march sedona 066
As you can imagine it was pretty easy to catch a fish. Marc and Isa caught one on their first try.
2010 march sedona 077
2010 march sedona 089
2010 march sedona 090
Then I tried to catch one and uh, well, my string and hook got caught in the tree above me. There was a fish on my hook but it wiggled itself free and my hook went flying upwards.  Ugh! We wanted to take two fish back with us so Marc dipped the net in the water and got one pretty quickly. That is how Marc and I like to fish!
2010 march sedona 091
I put Jimmy on the ground for a few minutes and he managed to get two rocks and a leaf in his mouth. I think this summer is going to be a long one.  Below is Jimmy examining the goods.
2010 march sedona 071
This rock looks good.
2010 march sedona 073
Jimmy trying to look innocent after he munched on the rock.
2010 march sedona 074
Marc trying to get a picture to send in to ANTM season 20.
2010 march sedona 069
Lastly, one of Jimmy and I, or at least, part of me!
2010 march sedona 086
Tonight we will dine Harrison style on some flank steak and trout. It’s so great staying with Chef Jo and Jeph!

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